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Everything You Need for Your Home Barn Doors


LUBANN barn doors bring warmness of color and richness of genuine rustic wood characters to American homes.

Wood products are valued largely based on wood species used in those products. What separate alder wood barn doors from barn doors of pine wood or other wood? Warm color and rustic look.   LUBANN barn doors are constructed of high quality American knotty alder. Alder wood features beautiful wood grains and rustic knots, characters make each LUBANN barn door aesthetically unique and rich of natural wood beauty. Besides, hardwood alder wood is more durable and stable than pine wood, and easy to be stained.

Alder wood used in LUBANN barn doors are milled in the US and certified by the National Hardwood Lumber Association. We take pride in preserving the natural rustic wood look and being environmental friendly when making LUBANN barn doors.  No adhesive (a major source of harmful formaldehyde in engineered wood and imported wood products) is used in the wood. You are not only buying a barn door from us but also bringing home a piece of nature artwork.

We proudly make LUBANN barn doors in the US and offer most popular American farmhouse styles and many size options.  LUBANN barn doors are designed to be easy Do-It-Yourself projects, so customers can build one of a kind barn door at a budget-friendly price.  

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